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During this brainstorming session, O'Reilly Media publisher Dale Dougherty coined the phrase Web 2.0 to describe the new Web environment that emerged after the crash.

While dozens of Internet companies had declared bankruptcy, a few hardy sites managed to survive.

Also, the medium offers unprecedented access to large numbers of potential partners.

While dating sites have had problems weeding out the deception and the criminal, ultimately, users have confidence that they can screen and communicate with potential partners in a safe and comfortable setting.

With those positives in mind, and the pitfalls outlined, there are “substantial opportunities” to improve online dating in the future.

According to a study conducted in 2009 with a national sample of 4,002 adults, 22% said they had met on the Internet; making the Internet the premier way to find a partner, after meeting through friends.The statistic carries on the trend from 2006’s 20%, and is assumed to be greater today thanks to technological progress.However, the study states that the shift in attitude can be partially attributed to the millions of dollars that online dating sites spend to promote the services.New Web sites were appearing every day, and many of them used drastically different business models than the commercial sites that existed before the crash.Still, no one had a clear definition of what Web 2.0 actually meant.

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