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In fact, I think a 2GB SD card can actually use about 1.8GB so that explains your 2GB less-than-all-North_America problem. Your problem may have occurred due to using Garmin Express.

Personally, what I'd do is uninstall Garmin Express and use Garmin Map Updater and try your update again with the 4GB SD card (copy and paste this link to your browser): https://support.garmin.com/support/search Support/case.faces?

Not all features were found with the Euro maps (city searching database was missing) and I'm thinking some base files originally on the GPS were re-located on the SD card.

After reinstalling the lower 49 states on the new 4GB SD card I looked around.

When I used the old update system, before Garmin Express, I was able to do complete maps with the 2GB card.

I looked on this site and it looked like my 760 would support 4GB SD cards.

The entire 2011.30 (newest) mapset will never fit on the 200's internal memory as you've seen.

If you have the full 2 GB SD Card to use, I would install the entire mapset onto the SD card, verify that it works, then delete the old map from the nuvi.

I can't figure why it didn't give that option in the first place.

Having a partial nuvi/SD Card install may end up being more confusing later on when update time rolls around again.

I own a 200W and I'm one of those that splits the maps between internal memory and the SD Card.

My nuvi 750 should update to SD identically to your 760 and at the last update (2013.40), I was able to install all of North America to a 4GB SD card.

I see that the map image file is almost 1.9GB* in size so a 2GB card is really flirting with disaster and unlikely to work with the 2014.10 map due out next week or so.

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