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Christian Neschwara: Die Brnner Kompilationskommission und ihr Entwurf fr die Einleitung zum Codex Theresianus.Ein Beitrag im Hinblick auf 300 Jahre Maria Theresia This contribution, relying on preliminary publications, picks-up the performances rendered by the Commission for drafting the Codex Theresianus as a general Civil code for all Austrian hereditary provinces within the period between 17 at Brno.The author of this essay used original archive records of civil cases from the Baranya County Archives, and analyzes the form and content of the dowry in the everyday life during the second half of the 19th century.Keywords dowry; matrimonial property law; Hungarian legal history; Austrian law in Hungary; emancipation.You can also find there information about the happenings in the field of law-history.

of Castile based on a discourse analysis and a hermeneutical interpretation.

The articles must fulfill the criteria written in the guidelines for authors.

The executive editor decides on whether to publish the articles and in which order.

One of the central ideas of the Siete Partidas was to unify the existing laws in the Kingdom of Castile.

But, unification also means a centralization of the power which was embodied by the king.

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