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Name something kids start to care more about once they’re teenagers.Name something many parents want their kids home at a certain time for.Name a Christmas movie that families might watch together. Name a food that kids want their own of even if they can’t finish the whole thing.Name a job around the house that parents might expect their daughter to do.Name a type of “house” kids have that a family couldn’t live in permanently. Name an activity people only do when they have kids.

After the bills have been paid name something families do with the money left over.Name something a mom would be really embarrassed to have her child do in front of grandma.Name something a rookie police officer would be embarrassed to admit he misplaced.Name something expensive that a teenager might ask her parents for.Name something in your house that might get broken during a wild party.

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Name a public place where only the world’s least romantic guy would propose. Name a specific reason kids give for not wanting to eat a vegetable.

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  1. Today, the term Cro-Magnon falls outside the usual naming conventions for early humans, though it remains an important term within the archaeological community as an identifier for the commensurate fossil remains in Europe and adjacent areas.