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The payment service, which can be done through bank cards, is currently unavailable, according to Navarra’s post.Facebook has been vague about the feature, though did not deny its existence.We Chat's public accounts, which allow media services, industry bloggers and corporate branding campaigners, to feed content to subscribers, are quickly gaining traction.Nearly 60 percent of users expressed the willingness to tip good content producers.Chen Xiang, one such player, disclosed to media that he was invited into several We Chat groups in which people take turns claiming and distributing red envelopes, feverishly betting on their luck.

We Chat, the ubiquitous messaging app, is being used for an ever longer period of time and is growing into a lifestyle choice embedded into daily activities and interactions, a new survey has found.In 2016, one-third of We Chat's 889 million monthly active users spent a solid four hours or more per day on the mobile chatting tool, twice that of a year ago, according to Penguin Intelligence, a research arm of We Chat's developer Tencent Holdings.The average daily time spent is also up slightly, now at 66 minutes, surpassing that of Facebook's average 50 minutes recorded last year.The company confirmed to Recode, a technology website, that it constantly tests new products.As of press time, Facebook has not disclosed any details about the new function.

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