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If this was so, did they leave traces that survive, hidden in the swamps and fields and even in the ancestry of the people of North Carolina today? and the Research Triangle Institute in 1982 to assist the U. Corps of Engineers with the preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for a proposed 22,000-acre farm on the mainland of Dare County.

One of my duties was to prepare a history of development for the Dare mainland and its surrounding region.

The northeaster had continued and made the failed attempt to return to Croatoan a near disaster for the entire ship.

The ship and crew were lucky to survive the trip back to England, and White would never again return to Virginia.

rotten and spoyled with rayne, and my armour almost eaten through with rust; this could bee no other but the deede of the Savages our enemies at Dasamongwepeuk, who had watched the departure of our men to Croatoan; and as soone as they were departed, digged up every place where they suspected any thing to be buried: but although it much grieved me to see such spoyle of my goods, yet on the other side I greatly joyed that I had safely found a certaine token of their safe being at Croatoan, which is the place where Manteo was borne, and the Savages of the Iland our friends.

[Emphasis added.] After this short visit to Roanoke Island, White set sail for Croatoan Island (fig.

Family legends claimed that these settlers were the descendents of Indians and of English men and woman who they believed were from the Lost Colony. Did the Colonists Go to the Dare Mainland and Gum Neck? Conclusion This paper explores the hypothesis that Sir Walter Raleighs 1587 colonists left Roanoke Island for Croatoan villages that were 50 miles by water into the mainland of present-day Dare County.

and historic maps of later years support the inference.Therefore at my departure from them in Anno 1587 I willed them, that if they should happen to be distressed in any of those places, that then they should carve over the letters or name, a Cros And having well considered of this, we passed toward the place where they were left in sundry houses, but we found the houses taken downe, and the place very strongly enclosed with a high palisado of great trees, with cortynes and flankers very Fort-like, and one of the chiefe trees or postes at the right side of the entrance had the barke taken off, and 5 foote from the ground in fayre Capitall letters was graven CROATOAN without any crosse or signe of distresse; this done, we entred into the palisado, where we found many barres of Iron, two pigges of Lead, foure yron fowlers, Iron sackershotte, and such like heavie things, throwen here and there, almost overgrowen with grasse and weedes.From thence wee went along by the water side, towards the poynt of the Creeke to see if we could find any of their botes or Pinnisse, but we could perceive no signe of them, nor any of the last Falkons and small Ordinance which were left with them, at my departure from them....1) where he expected to find at least some of his colony.Seven sailors had drowned in Port Fernando inlet when Whites ship arrived in a northeastern storm, and his visit was almost aborted then before he stepped ashore.

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During the preparation of that history, I became aware of a settlement on the Dare mainland called Beechland.

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