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2016 Location: Incheba Expo Bratislava, Hall B at pm Admission: free seating from €30 VIP free seating available in front of the stage: €45 VIP ticket contains – seating around Manege, gifts from the TOPFEST agency and an original cartoon-photo of Bolek Polívka issued in limited edition on the occasion of the tour.

When I was 6, two presents from my father set the course for my future: a little chemistry set and a little physics set, both of which became my first laboratory.

Their working relationship continued amicably up to 2000, but an acrimonious dispute erupted over legal ownership of the "kingdom". It accused Harabiš of making unlawful profits from Polívka as "King Boleslav".

The kingdom's name had been trademarked by Harabiš.

He first appeared in films in the 1960s and has worked with the Czech director Vladimír Sís.So my science turned to more peaceful pursuits: geologic investigations of the surroundings of Prague, especially the Barrandium, using detailed geological maps (,000) obtained from the Central Geological Survey of Czechoslovakia (G), which would become myemployer 8 years later...I combined the geological trips with hunting plants to complete my herbarium I started in 1941: soils on limestones, some with valuable magnesium near Karlštein were perfect substrates for rare plants, such as European Orchids, some Rutaceae and Liliaceae. Vladimr Zoubek (professional G geologist) as fuchs" on his mapping Algonkian spilites in the region around the city Střbro, western Bohemia.During the course of this capitalistic enterprise, an explosion on ofgun powder that I designed and was mixing on my lap burned my fingers, face and hair, and temporarily sealed my eyes shut.After I returned from the hospital, my mother almost put an end to my alchemist laboratory...

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