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Lower case even in a name, like Warwick district council. Upper case for the Earth, Planet Earth and Earth sciences, with lower case for ‘the’. If that isn’t possible, use an alternative such as ‘meaning’ or ‘that is’. Content on the site often makes a direct appeal to citizens and businesses to get involved or take action: ‘You can contact HMRC by phone and email’ or ‘Pay your car tax’, for example. You can use bullet points to make text easier to read.

Activation PIN has been changed to Activation Code on outgoing correspondence from the Government Gateway. Upper case when referring to the national Adoption Register. Make sure that: Use numbered steps instead of bullet points to guide a user through a process. DON’T USE BLOCK CAPITALS FOR LARGE AMOUNTS OF TEXT AS IT’S QUITE HARD TO READ. The exceptions to this are proper nouns, and: Two words. Never use etc at the end of a list starting with these words. Use EU when you mean EU member states: EU countries, EU businesses, EU consumers, goods exported from the EU, EU VAT numbers. Instead use ‘for example’ or ‘such as’ or ‘like’ or ‘including’ - whichever works best in the specific context. Try using ‘for example’ or ‘such as’ or ‘like’ or ‘including’. Write out in full at first mention, then call it the Commission. If you write content by starting with user needs, you won’t need to use FAQs. Describe what the user might need to do, rather than what government calls a thing. Use lower case for north, south, east and west, except when they’re part of a name or recognised region. Refers only to England, Scotland and Wales excluding Northern Ireland. Lower case unless it’s the title of an organisation: North East and Central London Health Protection Unit. Lower case unless part of a school name: The Manchester Grammar School.

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Don’t use hyphens in ages unless to avoid confusion, although it’s always best to write in a way that avoids ambiguity. Use the -ise rather than -ize suffix: organise not organize, for example (this isn’t actually an Americanism but is often seen as such).

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