Is distinct dating a scam

When I said I had spoken to my attorney and he advised me to ask for this agreement in writing - and also something in writing verifying all these charges - he transferred me to his legal department - "Mr Frank Martin" then proceeded to yell at me, bully me and tell me I was going to jail TOMORROW if I didn't pay them today.I continued to play along, say I was happy to pay- but my lawyer was insisting that I get everything in writing. I am very nervous that they will somehow take money from my bank account, or mess with my social security number -- or something!!I ask them how did they get my personal info because I never applied for a loan and some will just hang up when I ask that or some will start yelling at me so I hang up and block their numbers.This is really getting on my nerves and i really wish the government would do something about this problem because I refuse to change my number I have had for years just to stop getting these calls.I asked him why didn't I receive a letter before I got a call and he asked if I had a lawyer and I said yes and he then stated that I need to contact him and let him know that I will be arrested tomorrow at my home for back taxes so I called my husband told him what was going on even though I knew it was a scam so my husband told me to call them back to see how much they say I owe "supposedly" so I called them back and I started asking questions and he started yelling at me and talking over me so I started yelling back at him and told him I know they are scammers because if they was the IRS they would not be in a call centers and two I would get a letter from the IRS and all the while I'm telling him that he is continuing to yell at me then he hangs up.I also get at least 10 calls a day from "Cash Net USA" as well as other loan companies saying I have been approved for a loan they too are all foreigners in a call center.

I called and provided the information -- but after providing the information, I was told that the parent company "Cash Net" was preparing to go out of business -and needed its customers to payoff all outstanding debts asap. Blackmore was authorized to negotiate a settlement amount.

They won't give the address and should quit bothering you. My local police insists it's not in the us and would not track the number. I feel it is in the us, the number was 1-800-779-9156.

ETHAN BROWN --Federal Crime Investigation- Midland Michigan Phone # 989-941-4313 said i owed 7hundred 28thousand dollars. said he would meet me at the court house because he was filing charges. I will not give up Just got off the phone with these guy claiming to be an officer said i owed money to the IRS, I could barely understand the guy when we was explaining to me what the deal was.

I called the NYS Attorney Generals Office and reported this to the Internet Division, the Fraud Division and the Banking Division. I also spoke with the NYS Consumers Affairs Department - they too had complaints.

I will be visiting my bank tomorrow and filing more complaints everywhere I can!!! Same story as everybody else, I received a call from a woman claiming to be "Officer Lisa Hunter" calling from "Federal Crime Investigation Department".

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