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“We led a very well-rounded life, and half of it was spent exploring and figuring out how to cope with different environments and new cultures.

I think that really helped us become more open-minded,” he says.

Both Suzie and Saks recognise that they could not have led this life in their respective home countries, but maintain that they are still “very much Arab and Pakistani”. You have to love Pakistan,” Suzie says.“I think we both wanted to absorb and learn as much as we could about each other’s cultures,” Saks adds. Being open to different cultures is the only way to fight racism, they believe.“I don’t use the word ‘assimilated’, because it means you’ve lost something,” the comic says. “That is like you pick and choose, like cafeteria style.”The couple has built a life for themselves and their son, despite their detractors’ predictions that it wouldn’t work.

Suzie recalls, “For the longest time they [her family] were waiting to see if Saks turns out to be the ‘big, bad Muslim on TV’.

Her “heart sank” as she thought of what her family’s reaction would be to her dating a Muslim. She was already falling for Saks; soon enough, the two were making plans to see each other again.He hugged her and said, “I’m so glad you stood up to us…I was wrong, I’m sorry.” hen Amara Chaudhry’s parents emigrated from Lahore over four decades ago, they settled in a small American town in Appalachian Virginia.The date went so well that he postponed his flight for a week later; the two met every day while he was in Redwood City.There was no turning back; hereon their relationship went from strength to strength.“We started learning each other’s languages,” Suzie shares.

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She believes these experiences have informed her career choice.

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