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Even close relationships can buckle under the strain of Christmas finances, close proximity of relatives and even closer proximity of bottles of Baileys. Earlier this year, Mrs May shocked many by admitting she and husband Philip were old-fashioned enough to share the domestic chores along gender lines.103 years since bras were invented99 years since women were allowed to vote72 years since the formation of the Welfare State49 years since bras were burned in fem-protest48 years since they were put back on again50 years since the Pill became freely available42 years since the Sex Discrimination Act37 years since the Equal Pay Act And three days since London mayor Sadiq Khan called for more gender neutral toilets in London. ’ when I am on the phone to the editor, but most of all, if I am being honest, I hate having to do the bloody bins. ‘Know that words can hurt.’Mrs Taylor Bradford has been happily married to her doting husband Robert for 54 years, so she must know a thing or two.

The festive season is a time for teamwork, otherwise all is lost. Of course, the only contribution some husbands make to Christmas is seeing how many goose fat roast potatoes they can snarfle in one sitting without exploding. The Leeds-born author worked her way from the Yorkshire Post to Fleet Street to best-selling author with a penthouse in Manhattan and 92 million book sales to her credit. That is not possible for all couples, but it captures the essence of long-term marital success.

It is more that nothing worth having — whether a good marriage or a wonderful Christmas — ever comes easily. More and more young women are having issues with body dysmorphia. A Hollywood stylist has revealed the big issue obsessing red carpet stars is ‘arm vagina’ — that hitherto unnoticed fold of flesh between shoulder and body when one is wearing a sleeveless dress. Hardly the outfit choice of a shrinking violet, but Suki has issues: ‘I think one of my eyes is smaller than the other. And, sylphlike actress Carey Mulligan revealed she had always hated her thighs and spent a lifetime covering them up — until she realised they had a purpose. And Suki and Carey are two of the intelligent ones. It is notable that relatively few Brits have been caught in the current showbiz sexual misbehaviour scandal, in comparison with the number of high-profile Americans who are dropping like, well, flies.

This is particularly sad when they should be enjoying their youth, being confident to make mistakes and start again. The latest culprit is Matt Lauer, fired by NBC after two decades hosting the Today television show.

This followed a detailed complaint by one woman, while others are coming forward.

Perhaps one reason for the US/UK discrepancy is the utter veneration for celebrity in the U. Last year the Tate displayed an upside down fir tree with golden roots — it was beautiful, but what have they started?

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Or his nerves really will be Jan-gled, in new and ingenious ways he could never have imagined in his worst nightm . The ultimate example is the Queen and Prince Philip, who have just celebrated their Platinum wedding anniversary.

Barbara Taylor Bradford was in London this week, dispensing the wisdom of another age, like a some-time traveller from a misty, long-forgotten Shangri-La of Sensible.

Firstly, the 84-year-old novelist opined that wives should pick up their husband’s socks if he leaves them lying on the floor.

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Can you imagine Huw Edwards or David Dimbleby being allowed to have a button in their ‘secluded’ office which automatically locked its door? However, the workplace sexual politics are not helped by the tendency of U. news programmes to succumb to the dated onscreen dynamic of older men lording it over young women.

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