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Perhaps what makes pedagogy so potent also makes it inherently erotic.Lines in the debate have been drawn more clearly in recent years.I was naïve enough to be a bit shocked that girls my age would talk that way about such an exalted figure.

In particular, this model invalidates the student’s own desire and self-determination.Surely desire and love have flared between teachers and their adult students since pedagogy began, but most of it has been invisible.Until recently, Western education at almost every level was a same-sex activity, open mostly to men of the upper classes, so it stands to reason, that most student-teacher affairs have been between men, even if they’ve left few historical records.Kipnis made a passing reference to the same professor’s involvement with a graduate student whom he claimed he had dated.Two students then made Title IX complaints against Kipnis, arguing that her essay (and a tweet) constituted “retaliation” against the students who filed the original charges.

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