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I appreciate male beauty but time made me realize that what fascinates me is the smell of girls.

Talking about this, that’s why I knew that my 23 years old were good.

She's now speaking out to urge others not to let embarrassment get in the way of seeking medical help A concerned friend rushed her to Worthing Hospital, where doctors warned Emily that there was a risk of it perforating her bowel due to its sharp jewel-encrusted edge and she faced an hour-long surgery.Tasting that tongue with a mint flavor of the first boy that was my first love was a good experience, and I think for him also was okay because his little friend was like a rock under his pants.Later I knew that not all girls are lucky like me, I must confess that this boy had good breath always had a mint in his mouth, besides was very handsome.Post-surgery nurses offered the toy as a keepsake which she accepted.Emily said: 'When I first woke up I wanted to go back to sleep as I didn't want to look down at my tummy in case they had to cut me open to get to it.'As they didn't have to go through my stomach I'm guessing they managed to get it out the other way.'She was discharged the following day and tentatively made her way home.

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