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Stone rows are a particularly striking feature, ranging in length from a few metres to over 3 km.

Their ends are often marked by a cairn, a stone circle, or a standing stone (see menhir).

It is likely a settlement at Exeter of some sort pre-existed the Romans and that the local Brythonic tribe inhabiting the area, the Dumnonii, maintained a tradition of independence.

It appears that initially the Dumnonii tribe of Britons were a client kingdom of Rome, but from about AD 55 the Romans held at least part of the area under military occupation, maintaining a naval port at Topsham and a garrison of the 2nd Augustan Legion at Exeter, which they called 'Isca'.

Schools are asked to indicate their non-pupil dates to the County Council and opening times after the core dates have been confirmed and published on our website.

Contact [email protected] for further enquiries. Each school is responsible for nominating its own non-pupil dates and occasional holidays within these terms.

In previous years Devon’s calendar has been based upon the Local Government Association’s standard school year recommendation, but they no longer perform this role.

Devon was one of the first areas of Great Britain settled following the end of the last ice age.Its history starts in the Roman period when it was a civitas.It was then a separate kingdom for a number of centuries until it was incorporated into early England.*Please note that these dates are those recommended by the Local Authority.Each school is responsible for nominating its own non-pupil dates and occasional holidays.

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Because most of Dartmoor was not ploughed during the historic period, the archaeological record is relatively easy to trace.

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