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Additional Questions: Awards: Have you ever competed in an event as an individual (not as part of a team/ club) where you received any type of award for your participation?If Yes, you will have to enter in an entry for each award that will include these additional questions: Event Registrations: Have you ever indicated on any type of registration form that you are competing in an event as a professional player? Once you have created your account, need to have every high school you have attended submit your complete official transcripts.

If you answer No, you will have to electronically confirm your response with your initials.

Read over the NCAA Eligibility Center requirements here.

Welcome to Union Jobs Clearinghouse, our central site for posting the open positions in unions and socially allied organizations and community organizations that are now accepting applications.

The Eligibility Center is the organization within the NCAA that determines the academic eligibility and amateur status for all NCAA DI and DII athletes. Once you account is created you will have several more steps to submit your transcripts, test scores and answer you amateur status questionnaire before you are finished. They need to be sent by your high school and testing center.

Once the NCAA has your complete academic records and test scores, they will not review your information unless it has been requested by an NCAA University.

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Your School Coursework: Here you will be asked question of schools that you have attended.

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