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However, Scudder disarmed Snart and the two began to fight, while Dillon fought Snart's men. In 2014, Snart and his crew attempted to hijack an armored car in order to steal the Kahndaq Dynasty Diamond it was carrying to an exhibition in the Central City Museum.At the end, Snart successfully beat Scudder and was about the shoot him. They stopped the armored car by hooking it to the tow truck they brought to the robbery via steel cables.While Lewis did frequent sentences in and out of prison, Leonard mostly raised Lisa himself and thus shares an almost parental bond with her, despite their vastly different personalities.

Snart escaped without injury while Rory received severe burns. Scudder said that without them "He would still be kicking down liquor stores", but Snart told him that his version of reality is warped.

Lewis turned to crime, mostly breaking and entering, bringing his young son along so that he could help him to disable the security systems during the heists. Leonard's grandfather took him and his sister to a diner right across from Central City Precinct named the Motorcar.

Snart kept going there in his later life to listen to police radios and learn their response times.

In 2014, after the appearance of Barry Allen/The Flash, who started endangering his heists with his heroics, Leonard sought to eliminate him.

Acquiring the cold gun he had frequent encounters with the Flash, along with his partner Mick Rory/Heat Wave.

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