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A heavy lifelong smoker, Messemer suffered throat cancer during the 1980s, and surgery left his voice at only a whisper.

Forced to retire from acting, he appeared on German television for the last time in 1989, in a production with Agnes Fink. He was married four times, and was survived by two daughters.

Scho im Johr druf het er sich dört für Gschicht habilitiert und isch 1845 usserordentlige Profässer worde.

In de Johr noch 1844 het dr Jacob Burckhardt zitwiis as politische Redakteur bi de konservative Basler Nachrichten gschafft.

In siner Heimetstadt het dr Burckhardt sit 1837 uf Wunsch vom Vater Evangelischi Theologii studiert.

1872 het dr Burckhardt dr Ruef abglehnt, Nochfolger vom Ranke an dr Universität z Berlin z wärde.E baar vo sine Vorfahre si Geistligi gsi, au si Vater Jacob Burckhardt isch e Pfarrer in dr reformierte Chille z Basel gsi.Er isch dr Münstergmeind vorgstande, und isch au dr Antistes, dr Vorsteher vo dr Basler Geistlikeit gsi.Some of his roles included major TV productions such as Union der festen Hand and Die Dämonen, as well as two years as Commissioner Deeds in the TV drama series Sergeant Berry.He also lent his distinctive voice to radio and recorded works, including the writings of Mao, and a reading of the four books of the Gospels.

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