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They grew even more annoyed when the woman apologized to them for their lack of airbending abilities.During her stay at the Southern Air Temple, Kya used her time to relax and joke around with her brothers.However, after Aang's passing in 153 AG, Kya returned to the Southern Water Tribe to tend to her grieving mother, as her brothers were occupied by their respective professions.

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As her brothers began to bicker, an annoyed Kya left them to it and walked on, finding the first trace of her niece, namely footprints leading down a trail next to a waterfall.

As Kya and Tenzin moved to follow the prints, Bumi suggested that they descend via the waterfall as that would be much quicker.

As Tenzin attempted to avoid talking further about the subject, Kya and Bumi mocked him for his "classic airbending technique" of evading things when they get tough.

Even after the night had fallen, the trio continued their search for Ikki, with Bumi entertaining his siblings with grandiose stories over his past search and rescue missions.

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